Sunday - Sep 24, 2017

DV8’s interchangeable head system puts a full set of golf clubs in a backpack

DV8's interchangeable head system puts a full set of golf clubs in a backpack

At some time or another, even the most harassed business traveller will find the time, and even possibly the opportunity, to fit in a round of golf during a long trip far from home.

The chances are that the moment will have, simply because very few business travellers are forward thinking enough to pack a set of clubs with them in their luggage, and the chances of borrowing or even hiring a proper set the usually pretty slim.

However, thanks to an original new product released by DV8 Sports, the chances of fitting in a round of golf just got a lot easier by allowing the opportunist golfer the chance to carry a full set of clubs, which can be readily folded and will fit inside a bag that looks like an average backpack.

As everyone knows a traditional set of golf clubs comprises a minimum of 14 full-length clubs, which required to be toted around in a long slim bag specially designed to accommodate them. The design crew at DV8 have taken the time to come up with an ingenious solution that allows the replacement of all these clubs’s with either one or two shafts, which also comes in pieces, and can be rapidly assembled at the course or driving range. The DV8 system also comes with a complete set of quick-change interchangeable heads, as well as a patented designed stainless steel quick-change coupler allowing for heads to be interchanged in a matter of seconds.

Apart from any other issue, many business travellers will be reluctant to embark on a business trip carrying such an item, while having the opportunity to be more discreet by fitting the clubs to a smaller piece of equipment will be less liable to draw attention.

Specially designed for the job, the DV8 system bag comes with foam pockets that will lovingly cradle each of the interchangeable club heads for their protection, and even comes with an iPad sleeve as well as slots that will allow for the attachment of an optional lightweight tripod for golfers looking to use apps that help improve their performance.

Currently at the Kickstarter stage, DV8 Sports are on the lookout for funding for its new concept, with pledges starting at $170 which will purchase the bag, a single driver and shaft, praises can reach more than $600 for a 10 club set including the bag, shaft, as well as driver, 3 wood, 5 hybrid, sand wedge, pitching wedge, 9 iron, 8 iron, 6 iron, 4 iron and putter interchangeable heads.

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