Saturday - Sep 23, 2017

Daniel Ricciardo brings Red Bull back into the F1 race winning the Canadian Grand Prix

Daniel Ricciardo brings Red Bull back into the F1 race winning the Canadian Grand Prix

After dominating the Formula One season last year, Redbull showed that they may well still have something up their sleeve for this year’s two, when Daniel Ricciardo overtook Nico Rosberg’s Mercedes with two laps to go to win an eventful and thrilling Canadian Grand Prix in Montréal. McLaren’s Jenson Button stunningly came in late to take fourth place.

Rosberg, whose car was suffering from major technical problems, gamely held on to take second place ahead of last year’s champion Sebastian Vettel, and maintaining his still very comfortable lead in the driver standings. Lewis Hamilton, who dropped out after suffering from critical brake failure still remains in second place in the championship ratings 22 points behind.

Apart from the upset with Mercedes, this year’s Canadian Grand Prix was dominated by the major crash which took place on the final lap between Sergio Perez of Force India and Felipe Massa of Williams, with both drivers being taken to hospital, where they were found to be not badly hurt. Perez, was eventually found at fault for causing the incident and handed a five-place grid penalty for the forthcoming Austrian Grand Prix.

The last lap crash created a sensational climax to the race in Montréal which started with an air of business as usual for Mercedes, with both Hamilton and Rosberg dominating the field, with simply switching between them.

However, to ruin what had been a perfect season so far for Mercedes, both Hamilton and Rosberg’s cars suffered what was almost a simultaneous loss of hybrid power from the engine, causing them to dramatically lose pace, while Lewis Hamilton also began to experience the first signs of the brake failure which would cause him to retire shortly after his second pit stop.

Rosberg looked almost lonely on his own in the lead, but that situation was not to remain for too long with Sergio Perez rapidly closing the gap closed up, with both of the Red Bull cars also hard on his heels.

But with a brilliant display of driving Ricciardo overtook Perez from the outside with four laps to go, and quickly closed the gap on Rosberg eventually spectacularly passing him on the long final straight with two laps to go to win his first race of the season and put himself in third place in the championship, although still 61 points behind Rosberg.

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