Monday - Sep 25, 2017

Dallas Cowboys once again the most valuable team in the NFL

Dallas Cowboys once again the most valuable team in the NFL

In a recent evaluation round, the Dallas Cowboys were rated as the most valuable franchise taking part in the NFL, worth in excess of $3 billion, more than any other NFL franchise.

The Cowboys are now rated as the first U.S. sports franchise to surpass the $3 billion value mark. Only the Real Madrid soccer empire is worth more among global franchises at an estimated 3.4 billion, while Dallas lag behind at $3.2 billion.

According to information released by the global financial barometer, Forbes, the Cowboys remain the most valuable of all the 32 NFL franchises, and for the eighth successive year.

For last year’s season Dallas posted the highest revenue in the NFL at $560 million, generating an operating profit of $246 million. These figures were far in excess of their closest rival the New England Patriots, who generated $428 million in revenues, with $147 million in operating income.

Despite the wide gap in income and profits the Patriots, who are now valued at $2.6 billion, recorded the largest increase in value, according to Forbes, during last year’s season, rising by 44% compared with Dallas, who still rose by a commendable 39%.

According to Forbes the current average value of an NFL franchise value is $1.43 billion, since the internationally renowned business magazine began to track the value of professional football in 1997. Current values also show an increase of 23% within the past year, the largest value jump in a single season since 1999.

Forbes use a complicated system to determine NFL team values taking into account equity value plus net debt being carried, as well as the value of each team’s property including the stadium, with adjustments being made for those in the process of building new stadiums as well as carrying out renovations to existing ones.

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