Monday - Aug 21, 2017

Corvette valet camera lets the owner see how others are taking care of their car

Corvette valet camera lets the owner see how others are driving your car

Anyone who has the spare cash and the inclination to treat themselves to Chevrolet’s 2015 version of their iconic Corvette sports coupe, will usually be fairly reluctant to let the car out of their sight- let alone let anyone else drive it.

However, should the situation arise where someone other than the owner, has to drive the 2015 Corvette, then some comfort can be taken from the fact that, from this year’s model onwards, Chevrolet will be fitting the car with a valet camera, designed to allow owners to keep an eye on how other drivers are behaving in their cars.

Drivers who are anxious to discover if their “new baby” has been treated with the respect that it deserves, can immediately watch a video of the car after it has been returned, as well as pick up full details of the speed that their car has been driven (if at all), how the engine has been revved gear position, and g-forces applied. In the unlikely event that an insurance or damage claim is involved the video can also be readily downloaded to a computer.

In order to prevent any untoward usage of the Corvette’s facilities while their car is out of their hands, the driver can also lock interior storage, disable the infotainment system, simply by opening a settings menu on the car’s central display, and entering a confidential four-digit code that will disable all of these facilities.

This latest development in protecting the well being of luxury vehicles from the General Motors stable comes hard on the footsteps of Dodge’s SRT Hellcat system and Ford’s programmable MyKey, both of which allow owners to restrict how other people drive their cars.

The Corvette system, which is expected to make its way to other GM vehicles in the group, was developed in conjunction with UK engineering firm Cosworth.

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