Wednesday - Aug 23, 2017

Chumby’s smart alarm clock is back – and this time it’s gone commercial

Chumby's smart alarm clock is back – and this time it’s gone commercial

For almost a year it looked like the Chumby travelers alarm clock was destined to become a museum piece when the company who developed it Chumby Industries went out of business last year.

The good news for those who got to know the Chumby when it was on the market from the mid-2000s till it went offline early in 2013 is that it’s back, bigger better and more flexible thanks to the choice of up to one thousand apps that can come with it.

The current owner of Chumby Industries, Blue Octy LLC, recently announced that they have relaunched the user-friendly alarm clock, and have loaded it with a choice of 1,000 apps as well as gearing up to provide faster and more efficient performance.

When the original Chumby was first launched in almost ten years ago, the developers only foresaw it as providing a more high-tech alternative to the bedside clock radio. As its technology developed the Chumby began to provide its owners with the choice to link onto Facebook, Twitter and RSS feeds, as well as some of the earliest video streams.

However, the original developers of the Chumby was slightly behind the times when it came to the revolution in mobile technology, and the Internet enabled alarm clock, began to lose its attractiveness as or more business travelers discovered the wonders of Smartphones and apps, meaning that the Chumby gradually became a fad of a past age.

The interest in Chumby never really waned, causing the new owners Blue Octy Jr launches with a limited service which means that its owners can use the device as an alarm clock and a music player, and its standard format. Those who want to take a stage further and access these thousand apps need to pay just $3 per month, which the owners claim is just enough to keep the service running.

For that$3 monthly subscription, owners of a Chumby only need to pull it out of its dark place in the cupboard and enjoy access to a selection of over 1000 apps well new owners can pick up a Chumby One online for around $120.

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