Sunday - Sep 24, 2017

Business Travellers Agree! The Dikoros Films Studios Quiz App Is Entertaining And Challenging

Business Travelers Agree! The Dikoros Films Studios Quiz App Is Entertaining And Challenging

As most experienced business travellers know, business travel is not glamorous.  It is filled with endless hours of waiting while moving from one location to another – home to airport, airport to rental car, rental car to hotel, hotel to meetings, and so on.

During this exhaustive process there is a large amount of down time and boredom.  Business travellers and travellers in general use a wide variety of activities to fill empty time and occupy their attention including reading newspapers, surfing the web, watching movies on smart devices, or even napping.

Now there is exciting news!  Dikoros Digital Marketing announces the release of its new entertaining and challenging app – the Dikoros Films Studios Quiz.  This exciting quiz provides hours of thought provoking entertainment for any movie or TV buff that enjoys testing their knowledge.

The Dikoros Films Studios Quiz is an addicting interactive app for smart phones and tablets that tests people’s knowledge of all things related to cinema and television.  Featuring a series of unusual and detailed trivia questions covering a wide range of cinematic topics, successfully completing each quiz is a matter of detailed and in-depth knowledge.

Drawing from a large database of challenging trivia and sure to provide hours of fun and entertainment, the Dikoros Films Studios Quiz app will stump even the most knowledgeable experts.  Organised in 5 selectable categories, people can test their knowledge of movies and TV, challenging themselves to beat their previous high score.  The five entertaining and selectable categories are:

  • Which Actor(s) Starred in this film?
  • Who Played the character in this film?
  • Which Actor(s) Starred in both of these films?
  • Which Actor(s) Starred in more than one film together?
  • TV Series

For business travellers who are cinema buffs or who simply enjoy a challenge, the Dikoros Film Studios Quiz app is an excellent way to test your knowledge, feel a sense of accomplishment when successfully advancing through the quiz, and make those hours of waiting pass by much more quickly.

Do you know a lot about movies, actors and actresses?  Do you enjoy testing your knowledge?  Are you looking for a new and different way to enjoy your down time while traveling?

Download the Dikoros Film Studios Quiz app from the Google Play Store and challenge yourself today.

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