Saturday - Sep 23, 2017

Business travel is getting faster with the Hyperloop

Hyperloop pod in dock

Hyperloop One is looking to become one of the world’s most innovative ideas yet when it comes to speed traveling. With a large team and board of directors led by CEO Rob Lloyds behind it’s production, the Hyperloop One promises to become exactly what their mission states; to move people and cargo at speeds never thought possible in a clean and efficient way. They strive to build the fastest transportation in the most environmentally friendly way and it looks like they’ve succeeded.

So what exactly is this Hyperloop we’re talking about?

Hyperloop cargo pod

Hyperloop cargo pod

Hyperloop is one of the newest ways to transport people, objects or items across the world quickly and in a safe way. Hyperloop One is designed to offer maximum efficiency while keeping the carbon footprint as low as possible. It uses electric propulsion to accelerate itself through a tube in a low pressure environment. The Hyperloop slightly hovers above the tracks and glides at faster-than-airline speeds over long distances. The Hyperloop eradicates direct emissions, noise, delay, weather concerns and pilot errors so there’s almost no chance for us to experience any inconvenience. You might be wondering how this is possible as no other transportation method has done it before. Hyperloop has made this possible by having the tube move using an engine similar to those you would find on an aeroplane. The difference between an aeroplane and the Hyperloop is that an aeroplane flies in the air and has a lot of resistance because of this. Aeroplanes don’t fly in controlled environments, they never know what they will encounter in the air, the Hyperloop will travel through tubes which does create a controlled environment. The Hyperloop will also levitate instead of using wheels so any friction on the tracks will also be eliminated.

This new transportation method is said to be so quick that a trip which would usually take hours, could now take just a mere thirty minutes. Because the Hyperloop One will be hovering above the tracks and the pressure in the tunnels will be eliminated, the tube has little to no resistance when moving which gives room for the small amount of time it would take to travel. Hyperloop One has even been so bold to release a picture showing that a journey from Stockholm to Helsinki would only take a small 28 minutes. How’s that for speed?

This transportation could be revolutionary in the world of business travel. When we travel from one place to another we often have to leave very early, make sure our bank account has enough money for the tickets and hope that there’s no delay when it’s raining or any similar circumstances. With the Hyperloop you won’t have to worry about delay, weather will not get in the way of this transportation method. Price also shouldn’t be a problem as the tickets are said to be rather cheap compared to an aeroplane or train. This also opens opportunities for worldwide business. Usually we’d have to take a whole day or even more to organise and execute a business trip to another country in order to attend a meeting. With Hyperloop this could all be done within a single day for the price of a bus ticket with the right Hyperloop network.

Although there have been rumours about Dubai being the first city where the Hyperloop is going to be installed, Hyperloop has organised a global challenge in order to establish where the first Hyperloop networks will be built. Hyperloop asks all participants of the challenge to make a powerful case as to why their city should be the first city to welcome the Hyperloop network. They will be looking for cases which will not only transform passenger and cargo transport in their location, but also show how that Hyperloop transformation will drive economic growth, generate opportunities for development and create radically new opportunities for people to live anywhere, work anywhere and be anywhere. So to clarify, this challenge is not related to design in any way, you won’t need to think of something new to be invented. You simply need to make a strong case as to why your town should win this challenge and have the first Hyperloop network installed in the area keeping economic growth and development in mind. There will be 12 winners who continue to the finals of this competition which will challenge the contestants even more in order to show the installation of the Hyperloop network being realistic. Out of those 12 winners, three winners will eventually be chosen to make their plan for Hyperloop realistic.

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