Saturday - Sep 23, 2017

Business travel doesn’t always lead to the boardroom

Those outside the business world often have a mistaken concept is all glamour. Yet those in the know will tell you that travelling and meeting people to do business can be a very strength-sapping experience, meeting travel deadlines, sitting in airports and railway stations, taxis and buses to attend a meeting that might just last a few minutes.

And another possible myth that might be readily shattered is that not all business meetings take place is lush, deeply carpeted, air conditioned office buildings where chrome and glass prevail. The truth is that a very vast majority of business meetings take place outside the office, on construction sites, the middle of ploughed fields and a host of similar unconventional sites.

And anyone whose job is to meet people in these environments also know that if they turn up with the wrong equipment to present and record the details of their meeting, will end up creating a less professional impression and instead of going forward with a planned project they will only move backward.

Panasonic, one of the global leaders in the manufacture of communication equipment are also well aware of the difficulties in conducting business meetings in challenging conditions have recently introduced a range of laptop computers designed to withstand the toughest of challenges.

Known as the “Toughbook” range of laptops, these recently introduced models actually are available in three levels of robustness, ranging from “Business Rugged” through “Semi Rugged “up to “Fully Rugged”. The business rugged version Toughbook is obviously for the less faint of heart, with Panasonic guaranteeing that it will withstand being dropped from a height of 75 cms without breaking, while the fully rugged on the other hand will withstand being dropped from a height of 1 meter 80 cms.

With all that toughness you would expect that these computers would be less than powerful and pretty heavy to tote around. However Panasonic proudly boast that the “Toughbooks” are among the lightest laptops on the market and as powerful as any lightweight you will find.

For those whose business takes them to challenging locations, and then a member of the Toughbook family might just be the answer.

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