Saturday - Sep 23, 2017

Your business outfit can get innovative, stylish and classy

Toks Fashion Boutique

I’m sure that most of you will have had an interest in handbags for a long time. You might have been interested in them when you were a kid or it might have come in a later stage of life. Toks Fashion Boutique is also based on this interest since a young age. As a young teenage girl she loved carrying handbags and would always be borrowing her mother’s purses. The problem is that they both wanted to carry the same, so her mother gave her some money to buy her own purse.

From there on she started collecting handbags in all sorts of shapes and sizes.

Where it used to be all about collecting them for personal use, it quickly turned into a business and a fulfilled dream in the winter of 2013. The result of this can be seen on the website of Toks Fashion Boutique which shows passion, interest and knowledge on the subject.

Toks Fashion Boutique Whether you’re looking for a handbag for an expensive night out, a business meeting, a purse which you can use as a travel companion, or even just a fun night out in the city with the girls, Toks Fashion Boutique will have just the bag you need with their diverse collection. The website shows bags in all different colors, shapes and sizes, each with their own beauty. They can even offer you a beautiful necklace or clutch to go with your outfit assuring you a classy look. For those of you who are going away on a business trip, the website has a unique variety of stylish holdalls to complete the sophisticated look. Maybe you’re looking for the perfect clutch to carry on the red carpet or during your visit to the Opera house, Tok’s Fashion Boutique can offer you just the right clutch. Even if you’re just a normal woman looking for a night out with your girlfriends, they’ve got luxurious pouches which will make you shine in the city’s nightlife. Aside from selling the handbags, the website also includes an interesting blog about different styles of bags so you’ll always be in the know. The blog is personally written and updated by the founder of Toks Fashion Boutique making sure you get to know more about the founder and establishing a personal connection.

Toks Fashion Boutique Recently, Toksfashionboutique became the European brand ambassador for Koda Nivoli, a Stylistbox well known designer from Canada. Koda Nivoli was one of the lucky and talented people to have her designs featured on the red carpet at TIFF2016 (Toronto International Film Festival). Toks Fashion Boutique has designs made by Koda Nivoli on their website and they are available to purchase at any time. This, among other things, makes Toks Fashion Boutique one of the most original webshops out there at the moment.

For more information about Toks Fashion Boutique:
Instagram: @Toksfashion

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