Sunday - Sep 24, 2017

British Airways unwrap their “Happiness Blanket”

British Airways unwrap their “Happiness Blanket”

Always willing and able to increase the flight experience for their long-distance travellers, British Airways are reportedly in advanced stages of testing what they describe as a “Happiness Blanket” capable of changing its color according to the passengers brainwaves, to ensure it offers customers the best flight’s sleep in the sky.

The “Happiness Blanket”, which has been woven with fiber optics in addition to normal threads is apparently capable of deploying neuro-sensors in order to appraise the activities of the passenger’s brainwaves while sleeping, as well as changing color, from red to blue, to allow flight attendants to assess when the passenger is at their most relaxed and meditative stage whilst asleep.

British Airways are conducting this form of experimentation to monitor a typical passenger’s sleep and relaxation pattern during a long distance flight in order to hopefully improve aspects of their in-flight service, which can range from changing the timing of meals, which varieties of food are most popular and even the types of in-flight movies to be shown.

To prove that experiment is not in the realms of fantasy, BA conscripted a group of volunteers flying their BA189 Dreamliner service from Heathrow to New York, to try out the hi-tech “Happiness Blankets” and were asked to provide feedback on their experiences.

According to a spokesperson for British Airways’ brands and customer experience division, this is the first time this form of technology has been used by any airline to help shape how service is delivered on board an aircraft, and represents yet another means for the airline to learn more about how our passengers’ relaxation and sleep levels are affected by their on-board experiences, varying from light levels in the cabin, what time they eat, which type of in-flight entertainment they enjoy and even their position in the seat.

According to an independent expert on human brain research, the ability to sleep soundly on a long distance flight is something that should not be taken lightly as it provides a tremendous opportunity for the international passenger to realign their body clock so that they arrive at their destination, feeling both refreshed and rested.

That means that people flying British Airways between New York and London, or vice versa, should be prepared to occasionally come across another growing number of passengers sound asleep and wrapped up blankets that are rapidly changing color and should not be alarmed.

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