Saturday - Sep 23, 2017

British Airways to upgrade their Inflight Entertainment package

British Airways plan to upgrade their in-flight Entertainment package

With the view to offering their passengers an enhanced in-flight entertainment experience, U.K.’s national airline British Airways are about to begin a series of trials on passengers traveling on 18 selected Boeing 747s from the airlines’ fleet.

Those passengers will be able to enjoy what BA claims to be a considerably upgraded flight experience, powered by a new state-of-the-art in-flight entertainment system, whilst being able to enjoy the comfort of a new decor livery package consisting of new specially coordinated carpets, curtains as well as enhanced comfort through softer and more dense seating foams.

After considerable consideration, British Airways picked out Panasonic’s next generation eX3 entertainment system for their trial run, which was installed during the months of August and September to the 18 selected aircraft, and will provide lucky passengers with a choice of more than 100 movies as well as 400 TV programs, on larger, high-resolution screens with the passengers able to browse their favorite films and TV programs through touch and swipe gestures.

Because of the lightweight design, these new systems developed by Panasonic ‘s Avionics Corporation are also capable of significantly reducing levels of fuel used by aircraft during intercontinental flights.

As well as having access to this wonderland of entertainment, BA’s passengers flying on the World Traveler label will now be able to access their own personal USB socket to power phones and tablets during flight.

According to Richard D’Cruze, in charge of in-flight entertainment and technology at British Airways’ we are aware that in-flight entertainment is a really important issue to our passengers, with the ability to relax and watch a film or listen to music of their choice going a long way to make their flight a pleasant experience and help to pass the time enjoyably. “The airline’s decision to install this state-of-the-art equipment will allow BA to deliver even higher levels of in-flight programming on board now aircraft.” Summed up Mr. D’Cruze.

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