Wednesday - Aug 23, 2017

BizCharters offer a new way to fly

BizCharters offer a new way to fly

BizCharters, a new carrier whose sole hub is at DuPage Airport in Illinois, have captured the attention of the traveller looking for business class travel at economy prices.

According to a spokesperson for the airline, the BizCharters formula is to provide private jet experience at business-class prices, through using small regional class jets seating for no more than 30 people with leg room to match.

BizCharters’ flight schedules have now got underway and are offering flights both to the New York area as well as to Washington’s Dulles International Airport, amongst the most heavily traveled routes in the country.

Some of BizCharters’flights be using Chicago’s Midway Airport, saving time and money through routing passengers through special facilities earmarked for private jet owners and charter operators in order to avoid the long lines and hassles of going through the terminal. Flights departing from Chicago, either from DuPage of Midway will land at Morristown Municipal Airport in the state of New Jersey, a mere three quarters of an hour drive to the center of Manhattan.

A round trip with BizCharters to New York or Washington, DC from Chicago costs $695 ($495 one way) around half to a third of what it would cost for a first-class ticket, although on par with what it would cost for regular coach runs.

To get their service underway BizCharters have leased two Embraer 135 planes from a subsidiary of American Airlines. When they received them the Embraers were fitted with 47 seats, however BizCharter had them be fitted with 30 seats, sumptuously bound in leather and prevailing Wi-Fi and power outlets for each passenger.

Both the current fleet of BizCharters are piloted by former United Airlines pilots through a subcontract deal tied up with Planemasters Ltd., an FAA-licensed charter operator who operate out of DuPage Airport.

According to a spokesperson for BizCharters the company offers public charter with the same feel as a private plane as well as the ability to reduce journeys to New York or Washington DC by up to three hours.

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