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Best handheld device apps for the traveller

Best handheld device apps for the traveller

A handheld GPS device is one of the best navigation tools for a hiker of driver. However, these days, in-built GPS systems in Smartphones have gone beyond that, enabling tons of traveller apps to be launched in order to aid the traveller in searching for best deals, booking hotels and restaurants, as well as keeping updated on local events. Some applications cost more money than others, and some come at absolutely no cost, depending on the application provider.

Searching for Best Deals

Searching for the best deals when it comes to restaurants, entertainment, and lodging becomes a breeze with the availability of a wide range of travel apps. For example, Urbanspoon is a free restaurant guide and recommendation application with a clever interface. It encourages exploration of the city or town you are in, and points you to useful restaurants nearby. If you are new to a city and are looking for a bite, you can use Urbanspoon to find helpful suggestions.


Via the 3G Apple iPhone, services such as Travelodge iBooker allow travellers to find lodging and book their accommodation in a few steps. Free iPhone applications such as these are extremely convenient to use and more than 10 million people across the globe use accommodation booking services during their travel. All you need to do is select travelling dates and location, and your handheld device will return with the nearest hotels in the vicinity. Bargain price bookings can also be made at restaurants, and with apps like OpenTable, all you need to do is enter the number of diners as well as reservation time in order to locate a restaurant that will be able to host your huge party at short notice.

Checking for Local Events

Checking for local events also becomes a breeze with traveller’s applications. Information on local events is distributed out to the app users through the program in order to update them on concerts, charity events, celebrations, festivals, and other happenings during a certain period of time. This is particularly helpful for sightseers who want to get a feel of the place’s culture but have no idea what event to go for. A Day’s Outing is one such application with specific event categories to cater to specific interests, such as gardens and parks, museums and art, family and children, sporting events, and so on. It is a reliable guide and does not only focus on major events, covering even smaller events and attractions that might otherwise be missed.

Overcoming Language Barriers

Feeling a bit out of place in a foreign country where you do not understand a word? World Nomads is a 25-language translator app that will come to your rescue. This free of charge app will help you out with basic phrases needed to get around, and audio clips are attached to help you pronounce the phrases correctly.

So, how does one look for the best handheld device apps for a traveller? Firstly, educate yourself on evolving application systems. You should know which features you are looking for. Consider the purpose of the application you are buying as each system caters for different purposes. An important feature to look for is the ability of your device to be updated with more recent information. Otherwise, the information will become obsolete quickly. User reviews are usually a good indication of which apps are the most practical and helpful for travellers.

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