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Benefits of being an APEC Business Travel Card holder

Benefits of being an APEC Business Travel Card holder

Among the priorities that should be close to the top of the list for today’s business traveler should be time and money, and how to save both of them. People who do business around the world have discovered the benefits of being an APEC Business Travel Card holder by the ease that they can pass through the entry and exit points of the major global economic centers.

The Asian Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) Business Travel Card (ABTC) scheme has been available to business travellers from and to the region since 1999. The purpose of the scheme was to respond to approaches by the business community world-wide to streamline incoming and departure procedures at airports and borders of the various APEC member countries

Currently there are sixteen nations who issue APEC Business Travel Cards and they are as follows:

  • Australia,
  • Brunei,
  • Darussalam,
  • Chile,
  • Chinese Taipei,
  • Hong Kong SAR,
  • Indonesia,
  • Japan,
  • Republic of Korea,
  • Malaysia,
  • New Zealand,
  • Papua New Guinea,
  • People’s Republic of China,
  • Peru,
  • Singapore,
  • Thailand.

Canada, the Russian Federation and the United States of America are also members of APEC, however in their role as transitional members of the scheme; they only provide fast track immigration processing lanes on exit points to their borders and, at least for the time being, offer no reciprocal entry arrangements. Despite this hopefully temporary arrangement, being an ABTC card holder still holds tremendous advantages for exiting these three major economic colossi.

In order to be issued an ABTC, candidates have to be certified business people and not casual travellers, once issued, an ABTC card acts like a form of visa ensuring that the holder will be granted rapid exit and entry facilities where applicable to the 21 member nations. Valid for three years to valid passport holders, a card holder will be whisked through clearly marked APEC business travel card lanes at the international airports of the countries that support the scheme.

If you meet the criteria and are interested in becoming an ABTC holder then all that is required is to fill in a single application form that can be accessed by clicking on the link below:, and clicking on the relevant link to the country for which you are a passport holder.

The web site will also explain all the benefits of being an APEC Business Travel Card holder as well as being a member of the APEC Business Mobility Group (ABMG). The overall responsibility of ABMG is to generally improve mobility for company representatives whose job means having to travel frequently within the Asian Pacific region and from the region throughout the World.

Members or ABMG are also issued with a comprehensive Business Travel Handbook designed to assist business people through a quick reference guide to the individual visa and entry requirements of APEC member economies.

Readily download-able, the ABMG Handbook also includes relevant contact details for all the member country’s embassies and consulates for each member country. Business travellers to and from the region can also request up to date and detailed information on particular aspects, cultural or otherwise, before a proposed trip to a member country.

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