Sunday - Sep 24, 2017

BAE Systems’ IntelliCabin to improve flights for passengers and cabin crew

BAE Systems' IntelliCabin to improve flights for passengers and cabin crew

BAE Systems generally recognised as being among the world’s leading defense contractors, developing and producing security systems for the use on land and in the air.

What is possibly not so well known is that BAE Systems’ also operate a thriving Commercial Aircraft Solutions division, which have once again displayed their virtuosity by introducing a new commercial airline cabin system which they claim will make cabin operations more efficient for the crew by considerably improving the comfort of passengers.

BAE System’s IntelliCabin has been specifically developed with the principal aim of making all forms of air travel more pleasant while, at the same time, keeping the airline’s overall operating costs at a manageable level.

According to BAE Systems, the new IntelliCabin system is both modular and scalable, while at the same time designed to integrate seamlessly with existing onboard systems, not only marketed by the company but also by other major airline suppliers.

The new IntelliCabin system is operated through what BAE Systems describe as “in-seat power”, which dramatically slims down the weight of the aircraft through its capability to eliminate bulky power boxes, which are stored under the seats as well as in in the overhead bins, which brings with it the added benefit of increased leg and luggage room.

In addition to these important factors, the IntelliCabin system has been designed to make maximum use of LED lighting and dimmable windows, to provide a more comfortable, relaxing atmosphere for the passengers.

The IntelliCabin also comes with a wireless tablet-based in-flight entertainment system, which also keeps track of a power distribution system, designed to allocate the aircraft’s electrical system according to fluctuating needs.

The interface of BAE Systems IntelliCabin has been specifically designed to be both intuitive and simple, allowing the flight and cabin crew who rapidly adjust lighting, temperature, and other cabin conditions at the touch of a screen, significantly reducing workload. Simultaneously the system also carries out a series of diagnostics, streamlining maintenance tasks as well as also e reducing operating costs.

According to a spokesperson for the Cabin Systems division of BAE Systems’ Commercial Aircraft Solutions, the company set themselves the task of designing new technology that could provide the ultimate flying experience for passengers and crew, whilst keeping them connected to helping ease the transition from one environment to the next.

BAE Systems IntelliCabin is expected to begin appearing in commercial airlines from next year.

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