Wednesday - Aug 23, 2017

Apple reported to be getting ready to unveil their iPhone 6

Apple Might Boost Battery Capacity For IPhone 6

With Tuesday, September 9th reportedly having been “pencilled” by as Apple as the date when they will be holding a “major media event” at a yet to be named venue, rumors are reverberating around the mobile high-tech industry that that will be the day that the hardware giant unveil their next-generation of iPhones- the series Six.

A definite pattern has been recognised by Apple watchers with that particular date, tying in closely to previous events of a similar nature, which typically occur during the second week of September.

In 2013, Apple chose the 10th September to announce the launch of their iPhone 5S and 5C Smartphones following that up with the launch of their iPad Air and iPad mini at a follow-up event in October.

Mobile Hi-Techfreaks are speculating that the Apple iPhone 6 will also be launched with a super slim 4.7-inch ‘Air’ version with an improved camera and a faster processor, whilst retaining the fingerprint scanner features successively introduced on the iPhone 5S.

As well as the 4.7-inch handset, Apple is also expected to release a 5.5-inch “phablet” sized device, although if recent rumors proved to be correct production issues, the phablet may not be launched until November, which would be something of an anti-climax

Among the many rumors circulating regarding what the iPhone 6 generation will have to offer are faster A8 processors as well as super-durable sapphire crystal displays, which promise to be practically indestructible. Another cute feature for the latest generation of Apple iPhones is that the company logo on the back of the phone is being programmed to light up to advise its owner of any incoming calls, text messages or other forms of notifications that come in. This handy new development will mean that the owner will be able to place their handset face down and still be aware of incoming messages even when the ringer’s off.

According to industry reports Apple’s two main iPhone manufacturing partners, —Foxconn and Pegatron have already begun producing the 4.7-inch version of the iPhone 6, while Foxconn has reportedly been picked out to be the exclusive manufacturer of the inch iPhone phablet, which are supposed to go into mass production early September.

Foxconn and Pegatron, both of whom are based on mainland China are reported to be in the midst of a major recruitment drive, with Foxconn especially recruiting new staff by the hundreds to cope with the anticipated demand.

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