Saturday - Sep 23, 2017

Apple Might Boost Battery Capacity For IPhone 6

Apple Might Boost Battery Capacity For IPhone 6

Excitement is growing as Apple’s much anticipated iPhone 6 get ready to unveil on September 9th with reports now coming in that the latest from Apple will come with a considerably larger battery than its predecessor the iPhone 5S which shipped with just a 1,560mAh battery.

Now reliable industry reports are stating that the iPhone 6 is liable to come fitted with a 2,100mAh capacity battery, larger even than the 1,810mAh battery previously believed to be standard equipment for the handset, despite the fact that the iPhone 6 is expected to be fitted with a larger screen than its predecessors as well as a number of other enhanced components that are supposed to be standard equipment with the new Smartphone, which are also expected to add considerable stress to the battery’s life.

The speculation regarding the more powerful battery may have been driven by a powerful advertising campaign mounted by Samsung, currently leading the global market for Smartphone sales, who have been pointing their finger at the fact that iPhone’s battery force tends to be very limited. Samsung’s ads describe iPhone owners, or which they describe as “wall huggers” as they are forced to claim to a wall in order to make conversations send a text or play a game while their phone’s charge.

It goes without saying that Samsung’s Galaxy S5 does come with a 2,800mAh battery.

In the meantime, until the 9th September, followers of Apple will need to remain in the dark about how exactly how powerful the new iPhone 6 will be.

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