Sunday - Sep 24, 2017

Appetite for apps seem to be waning

Appetite for apps seem to be waning

The golden era which saw the developer of winning apps, such as Waze or WhatsAp, pick up billion dollar paydays appears to be on the decline with reports that the more than two billion Smartphone owners in the world are becoming much more selective about downloading new apps.

A recent survey has shown that the average number of apps downloaded per smartphone owner on a monthly basis has been decreasing steadily during 2014.

This makes for an alarming news for software developers who are totally dependent on smartphone owners downloading the latest for them to survive and for their businesses to grow, especially as Smartphones totally dominate the telecommunications industry, especially in the hot spots of US, Europe and Asia.

According to the results of the survey around one third of all Smartphone owners and users can go for the entire month even without downloading a single app for their device in a typical month, and even more alarming statistic is that nine out of ten of all smartphone owners admitting that he had never invested a single dime to date on apps or other smartphone content.

The study comes in the wake of discouraging quarterly results from King Digital Entertainment, makers of the almost compulsive Candy Crush Saga game app, which showed that spending on the hugely popular mobile game had declined at a rate that was considerably more rapid than expected, while some of King Digital Entertainment more recently offers had failed to make up for the shortfall in sales.

King Digital Entertainment’s disappointing figures is liable increase the already growing concern among independent app developers regarding the financial future of the industry, which is already dominated by a tight band of software and internet companies who comprise a growing majority of successful developers who have to date enjoyed the bulk of the profits.

Industry experts point to the fact that as the number of Smartphone owners steadily increases so do the numbers of what are described as “casual users” who are less interested in furthering their phones with apps either out of disinterest or a lack of affordability.

Another factor that can be taken into account is that apps take longer to “wear out” and their owners are less inclined or see no need to upgrade their conversion into something more powerful or even more addictive.

This theory is backed up by the fact that the number of smartphone users who have never downloaded a single apps has reached more than 30 percent, an increase from less than 20 percent from the same period in 2013.

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