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Apartment hotels can provide answers for the business traveller

Apartment hotels can provide answers for the business traveller

Ask any business traveller who spends a lot of their time “on the road” and they will tell you that one of the most significant components of a successful business trip is where they (eventually) lay their down at night. There are many business people who will go a long way to stay at a hotel that they know well, or is at least part of an international chain that stringently maintains their standards irrespective of the particular geographical location. The only slight variation might be in the menu, which should present at least the opportunity to try some local dishes. The other standards, such as the business lounges and commercial centers should be fairly standard as well as the outlay of the hotel room itself.

Business travellers rarely stay more than two or three nights consecutively away from home and rarely in the same city, so this kind of set ups usually suit most. However there are those who are involved in a longer term project that requires them to stay in a fixed location for a few weeks or even months. In these situations, many business travellers find an apartment hotel a much more enticing proposition.

Apartment hotels differ from the traditional hotel concept in that the customer actually rents out a mini-apartment inside a hotel, which can contain up to five rooms in some cases. These apartments offer the business traveler the best of worlds, the privacy and space of an apartment within a hotel structure. The ability to make full use of a hotel’s facilities such as restaurants, bar, meeting places and the usual business facilities found in a hotel while still enjoying relative privacy and flexibility.

For examples most apartments will come complete with a mini-kitchen where a resident can cook their own meals and eat in their own private dining room. They can also order room service or even from a local fast food restaurant and dine on what and when they went. Instead of having to discuss their business in public, an apartment hotel will, in most cases, provide a full range of modern communication facilities with WiFi being standard.

While apartment hotels are a relatively new concept, there are a number of units around the World that have been especially constructed to fill the increasing demand, while even more hotel complexes have especially converted entire floors if not wings to meet the increasing demand for apartment hotels. The large hotel chains who now offer an apartment hotel option for their clients still maintain the policy of lobby check in and 24/7 resident supervision. .That means amenities such as round-the-clock security, housekeeping and laundry services, a perk that hotel guests have gotten used to, will not be sacrificed.

So what type of client would an apartment hotel appeal to? In most cases an individual or even two or more people who are working together on a project that requires a long term hotel stay. Each person who stays in an apartment hotel will usually have their own room, with all the facilities of a hotel room such as en-suite toilet, television and all the rest. The common facilities will usually be shared cooking and dining facilities as well as communication.

This kind of arrangement usually suits larger companies who send their employees of to work on a project. They can enjoy the best of both worlds, with comfort and privacy mixed with companionship and relative cost savings. The majority of top level apartment hotels will also have at least a health club on the premises, providing residents with the ability to work out using the most modern equipment available to help keep them in trim.

For the business person whose budget can support it, staying a few nights in an apartment hotel, whilst offering a step up from a hotel room, is not being totally extravagant.

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