Sunday - Sep 24, 2017

American Airlines switch their allegiance to Ink Global to publish their in-flight magazine

American Airlines switch their allegiance to Ink Global to publish their in-flight magazine

American Airlines have recently announced that they have shifted the production of their American Way inflight magazine from its current publisher AA Publishing unit to UK-based Ink Global, one of the world’s leading global travel media and marketing agencies.

According to reports, Ink Global is completely revamping the American Way magazine, which they plan to relaunch in January 2015. At the same time they will also be introducing two new titles for the American Airlines, Celebrated Living, geared towards first and business class travellers, and Nexos, which will be printed in both Spanish and Portuguese and will be distributed on American Airline’s flights to Latin America and the on the Iberian Peninsula.

Ink Global will continue to publish American Way, warrant its standard monthly while Nexos will be a bimonthly issue and Celebrated Living quarterly.

Apart from taking care of all aspects of editorial and sales for the three in-flight magazines, Ink Global will also expand the brands online through specially dedicated websites, which will also have mobile and tablet versions.

According to a spokesperson for Ink Global, the multi-platform reach for the magazine’s content which, till now, can only be accessed in print versions on-board the various American Airline flights and throughout their global network of lounges, and will now be available desktop computers, tablets and mobile.

American Way, which has an annual global leadership of around 200 million people, has suffered recently from a drop in advertising revenue, with the Press Information Bureau (PIB) showing a decrease of around 18 percent in the number of advertisements featured in the magazine in 2013 compared to the previous year.

Ink has earned themselves a reputation as one of the leading publishers specialising in the travel media. The company recently launched the upscale Rhapsody title for United Airlines, having already established a long-term working relationship through publishing the United’s Hemispheres, in addition to several other in-flight magazines that they publish for other international airlines.

Ink media also operate a successful event division, organising trade shows for the air travel market, including the important annual Airline Retail Conference.

To cement their partnership with American Airlines, Ink announced that they will be opening new editorial and sales offices in Texas, either in Dallas or Fort Worth as well as in Miami, Florida.

Photo: American Way’s cover – October, 2013. AA Publishing

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