Tuesday - Sep 26, 2017

Amazon launches a Mobile Wallet App of their very own

Amazon launches a Mobile Wallet App of their very own

Amazon, for many years content to be the world’s largest online bookstore, have been spreading their attention in many directions, prior to the launch of their Fire Phone Smartphone.

In order to promote business for their online Appstore, Amazon has recently announced the launch of their Mobile Wallet App, which may be of special interest to the business traveller who has succeeded in accumulating a large number of gift and loyalty cards which they have not found the time to cash in.

According to a spokesperson for Amazon the new Amazon Wallet, has been specifically designed to allow anyone holding credits on loyalty or gift cards to upload them through their Smartphone where they will be saved by Amazon in a form of credit, for rapid access.

The new solution is only available for the time being in beta format, and has not yet been tweaked to accept any form of mobile payments or credit and debit cards, although there is every possibility that Amazon will be adding these features in the very near future to allow their latest app up to compete with PayPal or Google Wallet on a level playing field.

Amazon have been slowly but steadily building up a number of payments plans all of which will eventually target their massive merchant customer base. Industry observers point out that Amazon had been working on these plans for several years, and go on to point out that the company is rapidly changing direction and spreading their footprint in the world of offline commerce.

With the impending arrival of the new Fire Phone, which can scan and identify physical products and match them up with online inventory, Amazon are taking major steps forward in connecting their ever-increasing range of products and services, and only have to tighten up on the payment options that the offer to the consumer to become a real force in mobile marketing.

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