Monday - Sep 25, 2017

Alstom unveils its new main-line train

Alstom unveils its new main-line train

One of the focuses of attention at the recent European Mobility Exhibition for Public Transport in Paris was the recently introduced Coradia Liner V200 from French railroad production giant Alstrom.

Capable of running on all conventional rail networks, Coradia Liner V200 is Alstrom’s most up-to-the-minute mainline train, equipped with ERTMS technology and consistent with European standards, capable of reaching speeds of up to 200 kilometers per hour and carrying up to 900 passengers.

The Coradia Liner will be particularly attractive to rail operators covering longer distances, with the carriages finished to have a high standard, with reclining seats equipped with electrical sockets and reading lights, and offering such facilities to make even the longest journey bearable as large children’s play area as well as a number of comfortable restaurant/bar and hospitality areas.

Designed with the economy in mind, the Coradia Liner is considerably lighter than its predecessors, making for vastly improved fuel consumption expected to be around 30% less than that of the current Corail system in operation.

More than three thousand of the current versions of the Caradia are in operation throughout Europe, and according to estimates have covered more than four billion kilometres between them.

The Coradia Liner V200 was a joint development project running between six of the eleven Alstom production units in France and has created in excess of 4000 jobs within Alstom as well as other service companies involved in the French rail sector.

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