Sunday - Sep 24, 2017

Airbus flap their wings at the Farnborough Airshow

Airbus flap their wings at the Farnborough Airshow

The annual Farnborough Airshow currently running has become the traditional meeting place for movers and shakers within the airline industry with billions of dollars worth of orders for new aircraft being ritually placed at the event, often after months of negotiation behind-the-scenes.

According to reports from Farnborough, this year’s show is certainly no exception with the European collaboration Airbus company putting up a strong show against their principal rival Boeing.

A major shot in the arm for Airbus came from the direction of who opted to be the launch partner for the company’s new long-range passenger jet, the A330 Neo, with AirAsia X putting pen to paper on a 50 aircraft requisition, estimated to be worth close to $14 billion.

The Toulouse-based airplane maker has carefully developed the A330 Neo to fit into the niche currently comfortably occupied by Boeing’s Dreamliner, although, according to reports, the A330 Neo is very well priced to compete in the market in wide-body jets.

A factor which will not help the Boeing’s marketing campaign as they have already “Come under the Cosh” due to the significant teething problems the US-based airline manufacturer have encountered with the Dreamliner since they brought it into service, some say prematurely, in 2011.

Airbus has stated their satisfaction of the commitment of AirAsia X made to become the launch partner for the A330 Neo, going on to hail it as a testimonial for the company’s decision to totally revamp a proven 20-year-old design model, instead of attempting to introduce a new one in its place.

Despite the A330 Neo coming under heavy criticism from Boeing as being liable to be considerably less fuel efficient than their Dreamliner, according to Airbus the A330 Neo, will be fitted with the latest in Rolls-Royce fuel efficient engines, and is anticipated to reduce fuel consumption by around 15 per cent from the existing A330s, according to figures released by Airbus.

In addition to Air Asia X, the market leading US aircraft leasing company, Air Lease Corporation, also took advantage of the occasion to commit to buy 25 of these jets, in a deal worth around $7 billion at list prices, whilst also confirming the order for no less than 60 A320 narrow-body aircraft also for around $7 billion at list price.

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