Sunday - Sep 24, 2017

A decrease in mobile phone bills on the way for EU roamers

Mobile PA decrease in mobile phone bills on the way for EU roamershone Roaming Schemes in Europe

Business travellers whose activities take them to mainland Europe can expect to see a decrease in their mobile phone bills in the very near future, thanks to new EU regulations that will be coming into force within the coming days.

The horror for those who fail to keep their eye on the pulse and return from a European trip to find they run up a disproportionately large mobile phone will now be over, with roaming charges to be cut by up to 55 per cent for Internet use, while texts will also be at least a fifth cheaper.

The global business community can say thanks to the European Commission for this initiative. Over the last few years the EU has been gradually implementing reductions in mobile phone costs, with the ultimate goal being to remove costs across all of the EU nations by the end of 2015.

This most recent cut is expected to most specially benefit personal mobile users and small-to-medium sized businesses, while, in general, cutting the cost of roaming charges is regarded as being one of the more successful elements of a much wider package of reforms imposed on the communications industry by the EU, in their drive to create a single European telecom market.

As can be expected, Europe’s major telecoms groups have been found to be generally in favor of such a move, which they forecast could cause major problems with their principal concern that cut-price rivals in remote countries could launch disruptively low “roaming” mobile tariffs. Tarrifs that would seriously affect the profitability of the larger mobile service providers who have had to make considerable investments in establishing and maintaining their networks.

In response, the EU have come up with an argument that states that through significantly reducing the price of roaming charges, visitors to mainland Europe, and especially business travellers, will feel more confident in using their mobile phones than previously which will generate increased revenues that should go a long way in offsetting profits lost by price cuts, especially since that, in general, income from providing roaming calling opportunities represented only a minor percentage of most mobile service providers income and should have absolutely no affect on their ability to invest in the infrastructure.

With the new legislation, EU roaming charges will be capped at around $.25 per minute to make a call, $.6 per minute to receive one and $.10 to send a text message. Transferring mobile data will now cost a maximum of $.25 per MB.

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