Tuesday - Sep 26, 2017

2014 World Cup adverts are dominating YouTube

2014 World Cup adverts are dominating YouTube

According to the people at Google, football lovers are dominating YouTube with only one week of the tournament gone by.

The first day of the tournament, which traditionally draws encouraging viewing figures, generated more than 25 million views of advertising particularly related to the World Cup, which, when added to close to 600 million views relating to football and the World Cup so far this year, means that advertising based around the “beautiful game” is continuing to be a major attraction for surfers, who have so far watched in excess of 1.2 billion minutes of World Cup-based advertising ads on YouTube, approximately four times more than viewing figures for NFL Super Bowl orientated advertising for 2014.

Even more encouraging for those who choose this form of advertising, according to figures released by YouTube on the day that the World Cup got underway, that soccer orientated brands who featured in Google’s top 10 ads list raised the number of YouTube channel subscribers by close to 20% in the month leading up to the World Cup kick-off.

With the 64 matches scheduled to take place during the almost month-long tournament all been covered globally on television, the audience figures will undoubtedly reach as high as several billion, with viewers tuning in increasing numbers as the tournament reaches its climax, going into the knockout stages.

However, big budget advertisers, who are prepared to spend a big box advertising on major sporting events such as the Super Bowl find it difficult to find the proper media for advertising during football matches in general and World Cup games in particular, with just 15 minutes of a break between the two halves.

On the other hand, YouTube adverts fits the same World Cup scenario much better, with adverts capable of running between two or three minutes, and becoming almost movie like in their quality. One of the YouTube based advertisements which has drawn the highest viewing figures was commissioned by Samsung for their Galaxy Smartphone which runs for no less than its seven minutes so far, drawn in excess of 10 million hits.

According to Google an article for Adidas entitled “The Dream” was the fastest-rising on YouTube in the last month, drawing in excess of 26 million views in course of just two days, while totally World Cup orientated ads on YouTube, up to and including the 18th of June 18, start from Shakira and Activia followed by Nike Football, Samsung Mobile, Nike Football, Itau, Adidas Football, Castrol, and Beats by Dre.

In terms of international demographics, the countries who watch the most World Cup ads on YouTube, were dominated by South American countries, led by Brazil with a total of 61 million views, followed by the U.S. with 57 million, Mexico with 50 million, the United Kingdom with 27 million, and Colombia at 23 million.

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